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Published on October 12th, 2011 | by Dean Carr


Acceptable forms of id in Scotland

With the introduction of the new challenge 25 policy in Scotland staff are now required to ask for proof of age from anyone attempting to purchase alcohol.

We have been asked to help provide some guidance on what to look for when checking identification in Scotland. As you are aware fake identification can be purchased over the internet and to be honest there is some very good novelty cards and fake id cards that could fool the un-trained eye! The only form of defence a retailer has in a court of law is due diligence, which simply means all reasonable steps have been taken to identify an individuals age. The fine for selling alcohol to an under-age person can be as much as £5,000 and persistent sales could lead to the revocation of the premise licence. So it is highly important that all staff serving alcohol no what to look for as they to could face prosecution under the Act.

Acceptable forms of identification in Scotland

  • Valid Passport
  • UK Driving Licence
  • UK Provisional Driving Licence
  • PASS hologram card (Young Scot Card) etc

Knowing what to look for?

How well do you know what is on a genuine driving licence, how can you tell if it is real or fake?

Did you know a genuine driving licence has 3 holograms on the front?

Did you know the bottom set of did-gets are raised?

Did you know (11b) Changing Image

a. This security feature is an image that changes both shape and colour depending on how you tilt the licence. On full (pink) licences it’s a blue road sign changing to a black triangle, on a provisional (green) it’s a red road sign changing to a black triangle.

b. This security feature is personalised according to the data on the card. It contains the last five characters of the driver number changing to the month and year of the photo expiry which appear and disappear depending on how you tilt the licence.

For a closer more detailed look at a driving licence click here


Always take the I.D. and check  it, ensure it is genuine before  you make a sale!

Not checking I.D. could cost  you your licence!

No I.D. No Sale!

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Dean has been involved in alcohol licensing for over 20 years and has helped many independent retailers and corporate clients obtain a licence to sell alcohol or offer late night refreshment, regulated entertainment from all sorts of premises. Dean writes articles for various trade related blogs and is currently Managing Director of the PLT group of companies who run APLH and SCPLH personal alcohol licence courses nationwide. You can contact Dean or a member of his expert licensing team on: 01242 222 188

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