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We are always happy to help with any alcohol licensing questions you may have. Please feel free to contact a member of our team.

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  1. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hello Swati, unfortunately I only deal with UK licensing law and getting involved with another countries licensing law would be to involved and time consuming. I wish you good luck.

    Regards Dean

  2. Swati says:

    Thanks a lot Dean for your reply.Yes there are restrictions in consumption of alcohol in some states in india.But mainly we will be manufacturing and trading the alcoholic popsicles in big alcohol retail stores, which will already be holding the alcohol licence for other liquors products.
    The main problem lies in that in our country there is no licence for alcoholic confectionary items and no one has taken initiative for the licence also.
    Icontacted one law firm to draft the policy so that the same can be forwarded to the excise department in Uttar pradesh state,where we operate our production facility.
    But got disheartened as the law firm cudnt draft the policy as the person said that there is a big company which is already pursuing the same concept but not so aggressively as they are not sure about ROI.
    The thing is that we are pretty confident about the market return with this product as there are so many retail stores in india where these liquor popsicles can be traded easily also we can then export these products to other countries.
    Oh by the way we will already be exporting our popsicles to Geia Norway by mid this year.
    I need ur help in drafting the policy for manufacturing these alcoholic popsicles for one state only that is Uttar pradesh as our manufacturing facility is in that state only.We can have suitable synergy with u if u want for introducing this new way of concept in whole of india and as export aslo.
    Our company name is Fruktville in india.


  3. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Swati unfortunately I only deal with England, Wales and Scotland and the relevant laws in those countries. From my understanding of alcohol licensing laws the legal drinking age in India and the laws which regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol vary significantly from state to state. In India, consumption of alcohol is also prohibited in several states throughout the country. Wikipedia may be a good place to find information as you may be in a state where alcohol is prohibited?

    Good luck

    Regards Dean

  4. swati says:

    Hi Dean,
    I am from india and want to apply for liquor icecream license,but the problem is that here there is no such policy for liquor icecreams.Could you please help in drafting the policy and moving it to excise department so that the same can be approved and published by the government.
    or if Do you have any contacts here in India, who can help us in this matter ,could you please help us in connecting to them.


  5. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Many thanks for all your questions on alcohol sales in the UK during 2017. Some of your questions may have several different answers can I advise if you need an immediate reply please call our admin team during normal office hours on 01242 222188. Happy New Year have a wonderful 2018

    Regards Dean

  6. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Joy Arrandale, sorry I must of missed your comment. Selling alcohol products such as punch to the general public at a farmers market would be classed as a licensable activity, therefore you will require a temporary event notice or be licensed under a premises licence. You will also need to hold a personal alcohol licence. Unfortunately I do not know of any idiots guides to this however take a look at;

    Good luck with the business.

  7. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Robyn Pretorius, have a chat with Martin Bostock at PLT on Tel: 01242 222188 As food with alcohol can be a bit of a grey area. Example you may add alcohol to a cake mix then cook it off, the alcohol would then evaporate! You may use alcohol in a cold filling therefore anything above 0.5% ABV maybe considered as selling by retail?

    Kind regards

  8. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Utku Yazici, if you call Martin Bostock at PLT he will give you a price and advice for your project. Tel: 01242 222188

  9. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Alcohol, food and cooking is a grey area. The law states anything above 0.5% ABV is classed as alcoholic and therefore requires a licence the best thing to is have a chat with one of the consultants at PLT on Tel: 01242 222188 They will help you with your project.

  10. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Mike this again can be very complicated the best thing I would advise is speak to Martin Bostock at PLT he will help you with all your questions Tel: 02142 222188

  11. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Thanks for your kind words and it was good to chat on the phone. Good luck with your business idea.

  12. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Callum Murdoch, unfortunately a Scottish personal licence is only valid in Scotland. You will need to undertake training for the award for personal licence holders (APLH) level 2. This can be a little complicated if I was you speak to Jo Lockheart at PLT as she is an expert in this field. Tel: 01242 222188

  13. Robyn Pretorius says:

    I can’t see a reply to the querie about alcoholic cakes. I’m also planning some boozey cakes and I’d like it too be legal!
    Planning to sell at a market stall, via Facebook and possibly to a local bar.
    Any help/info welcome.
    Thank you.

  14. Callum Murdoch says:


    I currently hold a Scottish Personal License and I am wondering if this license is valid in England or if I would have to apply for a separate license?


    Callum Murdoch

  15. Ruta Kisieliute says:

    Hi Dean,
    Thanks so much for sharing this blog post. Super useful.
    My online wine business is set up in UK, however I do not hold stock in UK. We use dropshipping model. When customers order wine from us online, we buy it from our licensed partners in Portugal and send it directly to customers in UK.
    Do you know if we need to have alcohol licence in this case if we only act as reseller / online platform?
    Many thanks,

  16. mike says:

    i found this article is very helpful. could you please help me with this inquery?
    im about to start a small marketplace website – similar to Amazon.
    we have a seller who wish to sell alcohol, they have a shop and proper license to sell alcohol.
    we dont stock or deliver the products to buyer.
    im wondering if we have to apply for a license as well?
    please advise
    thank you very much

  17. Helen Cameron says:

    Hi there, my friends and i are creating a theoretical business plan for our university degree. We have decided that the business would be an alcoholic jam business and decided that for the business plan we would try and promote it through small local craft businesses. We then wondered would they have to have licenses to sell the jam or would this depend upon the alcoholic percentage in the jam.
    Bear in mind this is all theoretical we would just like to get the information correct before we submit it.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  18. Utku Yazici says:


    We just spoke on the phone, our company name is Digiflairs LTD. Our main business is selling groceries to expats living abroad. Our website is Company is registered in London but we operate from Bristol. We have a warehouse in Bristol Ahston Gate Big Yellow warehouse. Our company registration number is 10724705. We will really be glad if you can let us know more about your alcohol licensing services and costs/requirements around it. We would like to target mainly EU countries and Norway, Switzerland, Canada US as secondary markets.

    Many Thanks,

    Utku Yazici

  19. Joy Arrandale says:

    Hi, I’m looking at selling ‘punch’ which is a mix of alcohol with other ingredients such as water and spices. . I will be selling at local markets and microbreweries. I will not be selling direct from my house nor will there be a ‘stock’ at my house. This will be a small cottage business as I’m coming up to retirement.
    I’ve done the APLH course and about to submit a Personal Licence application to the council. I’ve been told that I need to register with HMRC re alcohol duty requirements, having had a look on the HMRC weboste it’s a minefield but seems necessary for labelling requirements. Do you know of an idiots guide that would inform me what I need to do and how to go about doing it?

  20. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    You may also want to read this post. Selling alcohol from home.

  21. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Karen, if you intend to sell alcohol to the general public a (retail sale). Then yes you will require a premises licence and personal licence. However if you only intend to do this over the Christmas period then, you could use a Temporary Event Notice or several of them. You will need a personal licence to sell and authorise sales of alcohol under this licence. Check with your local council to see if they would have any objections.

    Regards Admin Team

  22. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Marieanne August, the licensing law qualification will remain valid unless the qualification changes. So there is no time limit as such. Check with your local Council if you want a second opinion.

    Regards Admin Team 🙂

  23. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Quentin, Take a look the following articles on this website. This should help explain importing alcohol in to the UK and retailing alcohol in the UK

    Regards Admin team

  24. Quentin says:


    I’m looking to sell alcohol on marketplace through my french company.

    Amazon requires I have a premise license. Can you help/advise if this project is realistic to achieve as a french citizen and importing alcohol from france to uk ?


  25. Karen says:

    Hi there,

    I have a ta Rooms and was wondering come Christmas time selling mulled wine – I take it I need both the personal and premises license to do this?

  26. Marieanne August says:

    Good afternoon
    Would you be able to advise as to how long someone has from taking the course to applying for the licence? I have a member of staff who took the exam 8 months ago and who has not yet applied for the license. Is it 12 months? I hope so!
    Any help you could give would be most helpful.
    Kind regards

  27. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Think again on this one as a premises licence is only normally granted to commercial premises. The best thing to do is speak to your local council’s licensing authority to gain their opinion on this matter. It is not impossible as I have licensed a craft business before operating from a domestic garage but you will also require relevant planning permission! Have a look at a Blog post on this, article attached to link:

  28. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    If you are looking to act as a wholesaler then you will be selling an alcoholic product to licensed retailers. This would be classed as a Trade to Trade sale and is therefore not a licensable activity under the Licensing Act 2003 The only time you require a premises and personal licence is when a sale is made to the general public, “sale of alcohol by retail” This is when alcohol is sold for profit to the general public over a bar, sales counter, over the internet, at a temporary event or to a table in a restaurant.

    Hoe this helps Stuart

  29. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    No is the simple answer you would just have t prove that you have the right to live or work in the UK.
    Hope this helps Paul

  30. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    I think I may have spoken to you on this matter over the telephone the answer of course is yes! You need to show yourself as a responsible retailer of alcohol and due diligence would Undoubtedly include a statement regarding age verification on your website.

  31. Paul says:

    Hi Dean,

    i wonder if you can help – i currently have a website selling wine, champagne, whisky etc. We have a licence already, so this is not an issue, my question is whether or not we need to have some form of age declaration, and where this should be contained on site, if it is needed at all.

  32. Paul Martinez says:

    Hi Dean,

    I am considering starting an online business selling alcohol in the UK and I understand I would need both a personal and a premises licence to operate such a business. To apply for these licences, does the applicant have to be a UK citizen? as I am Australian.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


  33. stuart seager says:

    Hi if I had beer produced for me with my own label by a local brewer and I wanted to sell the beer bottled/draught on to pubs and off licences, would I need a licence? As I see it I would collect the finished product from the brewer and deliver it straight to my customers, so would not need my own premises, just a licence to distribute/transport. From the online searching I have done it looks as if I would need to register for AWRS?.

    Would appreciate your comments.
    Stuart Seager

  34. sam roseburgh says:

    Good Morning 🙂
    I’m thinking of starting up a business from home where I customise alcohol bottles as gifts with glitter and diamates and send to customers. Would I qualify for both personal and premises licenses from a personal address?

  35. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Alan giving alcohol away free of charge is not a licensable activity so therefore would not require a licence. However the second part of your question could be a grey area as you are raising money for charity via the sale of alcohol. I recommend you ask the local council about this as they may recommend using a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). You can apply for a Temporary Event Notice up to 5 times per year for a charity event. You do not need to hold a personal licence to do so. You apply to the local council’s licensing authority where your charity event is planned. The cost of a Temporary Event Notice is only £21.00 you can then sell as much wine as you like to help raise money for a charity such as Air Ambulance.

    I hope this helps, regards Dean

  36. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Jo Epson any retail sale of of alcohol would be classed as a licensable activity and therefore require a licence. The best way to look at your proposed village fate would be by using a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). If the fate is to raise money for the local church or school ie a (Charity Event) then you can apply to the local council for a Temporary Event Notice. This can be done 5 times per year and you are not required to hold a personal licence. I recommend you speak to your local council’s licensing authority and ask them for a TEN also ask them about the planned entertainment as this may need to be licensed depending on type and times.

    Hope this helps

  37. Alan says:

    An art group stages an exhibition in the village hall and gives a free glass of wine with the entry ticket. The tickets are free so no proxy sale.

    Additional glasses of wine are by donation but the money raised goes to a completely unrelated charity (air ambulance)

    Does that require a TEN?

  38. jo epson says:

    what is the law on selling alcohol at a village fete on the village playing fields also having enterainment ?

  39. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Chris the first thing I would do is attend a one day licensing law course with a view to obtaining a personal alcohol licence. Most farmers markets or events of under 500 people will operate under a temporary event notice or for event in access of 500 people a premises licence would be required this would normally be applied for by the event organiser, however most will insist stall holders retailing alcohol hold a personal licence. The cost of training and obtaining a personal licence is around £300. Once a personal licence is granted it is valid indefinitely in England & Wales. Try PLT to gain your personal licence. Their website is:

    Also have a read of my post on Temporary Events

  40. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Any sales of alcohol require a licence. Charging for a glass, ticket, admission fee, beer mat etc is the same as a retail sale and a court of law may agree. Selling alcohol with no licence in an offence.

    Section 137 – Licensing Act 2003
    Exposing alcohol for unauthorised sale

    (1)A person commits an offence if, on any premises, he exposes for sale by retail any alcohol in circumstances where the sale by retail of that alcohol on those premises would be an unauthorised licensable activity.

    (2)For that purpose a licensable activity is unauthorised unless it is under and in accordance with an authorisation.

    (3)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding £20,000, or to both.

    (4)The court by which a person is convicted of an offence under this section may order the alcohol in question, and any container for it, to be forfeited and either destroyed or dealt with in such other manner as the court may order.

  41. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Joanne the Council have informed you correctly but have missed a few important things out. To sell alcohol in England or Wales you need a temporary event notice or a premises licence, movable bars are normally licensed under a temporary event notice (TEN). An individual without a personal licence can only apply for 5 events per year, however a personal licence holder can apply for 50 events per year. If you are planning on running events on a weekly basis then you will require a personal licence. If you plan to hold more than 50 events then a second personal licence holder will help you apply for more events in the long term. There are also two types of TEN’s a standard TEN or a Late TEN.

    Take a look at my article posted on 28th April 2016 Link:

    To obtain a personal licence take at look at This is a one day licensing law course PLT offer a licence processing service for just £295 which includes all fees.

  42. Chris says:

    I am starting a contract craft beer label. My beer will be brewed and bottled at an existing brewery and I will in turn take the product and sell it from there. I’m not entirely sure what licensees I would require and if any additional licences would be required to sell at events like farmers markets or food festivals. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  43. AJ says:

    Not enough time to get a TEN for bar at village function. Can i sell the glass and give the alcohol away free?

  44. Joanne bell says:

    Hi, Iv just spoke to my local council but I’m confused. I want to open a tiny towable micro bar selling alcohol for events/weddings etc or serving alcohol provided by the event organiser if it’s a free bar for example As its a structure can it have a premises licence ? My local council said I need a personal licence and a temporary event licence but will this cover me ? I’m estimating 50 events per year. Thank you

  45. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Sticky one this! As I understand Amazon UK are licensed to sell alcohol online, however you are classed as a third party. If the alcohol is sold via their Amazon website then you should be OK I would advise you to speak to Amazon’s legal department on this matter.

    Regards Admin team

  46. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Alex you can not sell alcohol from home or a domestic address! You require a business premises which has to be licensed. You will also be required to hold a personal alcohol licence.

  47. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Greg unfortunately internet sales are classed as retail sales of alcohol. You would therefore require a no-domestic premises to hold a premises licence and you would also require a personal licence holder average cost I estimate around £2,000 for the licence plus rent, business rates etc. You maybe better off selling via a Whisky Broker? Brokers are licensed and take a commission on sales.

    Regards Dean

  48. Dean Carr Dean Carr says:

    Hi Jeanette Morgan gaining a personal licence will allow you to trade at craft fairs. You may also need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) these can be used to licence events of up to 500 people. If you intend to sell at a Farmers Market or a licensed event the event organizer may insist you hold a personal licence to trade at their event. PLT hold courses for personal licence holder in North & South Wales, this is a one day training course on licensing law. You can then apply for a personal licence to any Welsh Licensing Authority or PLT will process the full licence for you.

    Hope this helps, regards Dean.

  49. Jeanette Morgan says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I run a small business, making and selling jams, syrups and cordials, selling to local shops and attending craft fairs.

    Would I be able to sell my own alcoholic fruit drinks by taking the relevant course & applying for a personal licence? I do not operate from a business premises, I hand make my preserves from my kitchen, where I live in West Wales.

    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards

    Jeanette Morgan
    (Morganberry Jam)

  50. Jevon Scudamore says:


    Wondering if you could help me out.

    If I’d like to sell cakes with alcohol in them would I need a license? They would not be classed as strong in alcohol only 50ml per lb of cake.

    Thank you

    Jevon Scudamore

  51. Greg says:

    Hi There,
    I was thinking about starting a business selling Old Arran Whisky over the internet as i have a large collection of it already, I started to make the website but then thought better look into more details like company registration and licenses etc can you advise what sort of licenses i would need as had planned doing this from my mums house in the UK as i actually live in Thailand. It would only be internet sales no actual shop.

    Many Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.


  52. Nick says:


    We are a sales and marketing business and part of our business is online retail via Amazon using their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service. So we buy products wholesale from manufacturers which are then shipped directly to Amazon where they are then sold on and sent to the customer by Amazon. In this situation we are the seller on Amazon so I understand that someone in our business would need a Personal License if we are to start selling alcoholic products, however as we do not store or even touch the product in any way (it is shipped by the manufacturer direct to Amazon) we presumably wouldn’t need a premises license too?

    Thanks for your help.

    Regards, Nick

  53. Alex Olney says:

    Hello, I am just enquiring about starting a business in selling alcohol online and privately delivering it to peoples house and maybe by post. The business will be based at where I’m living which is in a rental house. Is this legal and what licenses would I need.


    Alex Olney

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