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Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Dean Carr


Decline in the British pub industry

Time gentlemen please!

Decline in the British pub industryFor many years now we have heard with sadness how the decline of the British pub is taking so much of our heritage away from us, politicians have discussed it with concern many times. We now have Leicester University launching yet another research project to find the reason so many heritage pubs are vanishing.

A decline that has seen an average of 26 pubs per week in the last six months alone with a estimate of some 7,700 further British pubs due to be lost forever in the not too distant future. This has to be a cause for concern to all of us. When is it all going to end? and what can we do to stop it?

Firstly we have to take a good look at the reasons for the decline in the British pub industry. We then decide a strategy for the future, not an easy task!  A few questions many may ask are as follows, are pub companies charging to much rent? Are local business rates too high? Is the wholesale price of beer charged by pub companies too high? Has cheap beer in supermarkets affected drinking trends? Did the ban on smoking in British pubs affect the trade massively or do people just not want these type of pubs anymore?

It is important to take into account the changing demands of the customer who have gone to another level in their expectations. Not satisfied with the old spit and sawdust pubs of yesteryear they now look for nice places with different entertainments and gastronomical delights even the joy of not having to cook for the family tonight can be what today’s customers want in British pub’s! We do still have a large number of customers that would like to go to the old traditional pub only to find that the “local” is becoming rarer by the day!

There are many factors affecting the traditional British pub. Should we lose them all or should they be saved? What do you think? Does anyone have a positive solution that could help save the great British pub from extinction? In some areas of the country local communities have come together to help save their local village pub. See Save Our Village Pub Blog  Should neighbourhood groups come together in towns and cities with the help of the pub companies and local Councilors?

Whatever your stance on this issue, the decline in the traditional British pub is a concern. Leave your suggestions or comments below.








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