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Published on November 29th, 2011 | by Dean Carr


Fake driving licence warning

Retailers of alcohol are urged to be vigilant over the Christmas period. With an increasing number of fake identification cards available via the internet, Personal Licence Training Limited have issued a warning to all retail premises selling alcohol or other age restricted products. The warning comes after staff at the licence training company became aware of a new form of identification cards hitting the market, known as “Fake UK Driving Licence templates”. The makers of the novelty ID cards/templates claim the following on their website: “Our templates are painstakingly designed to be a flawless UK licence. Laminate hologram overlay are exact. UV ink looks perfect under UV light and your details are encoded and will scan correctly same as a real licence.”

Makers of these type of identification cards/templates claim that they are producing novelty ID cards that should not be used to obtain age restricted products, however Personal Licence Training Ltd warns that,  in the wrong hands, the novelty cards can be used in attempting to purchase alcoholic products. PLT urge retailers to take a look at this website, as unauthorised sales to under-18s could lead to loss of licence:

To avoid accepting these types of ID cards take a look at our article on spotting fake ID.


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Dean Carr

Dean has been involved in alcohol licensing for over 20 years and has helped many independent retailers and corporate clients obtain a licence to sell alcohol or offer late night refreshment, regulated entertainment from all sorts of premises. Dean writes articles for various trade related blogs and is currently Managing Director of the PLT group of companies who run APLH and SCPLH personal alcohol licence courses nationwide. You can contact Dean or a member of his expert licensing team on: 01242 222 188

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