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Published on September 16th, 2011 | by Dean Carr


Imran Khan files PIL against decision to raise drinking age limit in India

Famous Indian Actor Imran Khan on Wednesday filed a public interest litigation in the Bombay High Court opposing the decision of the state government to raise the age limit for consuming liquor from 21 to 25.

Khan reached the court in the afternoon with his lawyer Ameet Naik and brother-in-law Vedant Malik.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “Our country faces many important issues, but this one I feel strongly about.” The Delhi Belly star added that while he consumed alcohol when he was younger, he did so responsibly.

Khan has been raising the issue since June, when he told mediapersons he intended to move the court. He also started a Facebook initiative called ‘Power to the Youth’.

In his petition, Khan said, “The state cannot impose arbitrary and unreasonable restrictions on a person’s choice. It’s not that every adult on attaining the age of 18 or 21 will start drinking recklessly. The question is whether a person who is a member of the electorate is still required to be subject to third-party wishes to make his or her decision.”

After filing the PIL, Khan told reporters, “Through this petition, I do not intend to promote drinking. I only want to fight for the constitutional rights of the youth of India. When a 21-year-old is allowed to do so many other things, he should also be allowed to consume liquor.”

He stated that at the age of 21, a person can vote, marry, drive and even own firearms. “No real or intelligible difference exists between the two classes of people (those above 25 and 21, but below 25),” the petition stated

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