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Published on January 25th, 2013 | by Dean Carr


List of Age Restricted Products

An age restricted product is any product that can only legally be sold to a person of a certain age. Such products are assigned a minimum age for purchase. Age restricted products may not be bought by an underage person, and may not be sold, supplied or hired to an underage person.

18+ Age Restricted Products

Tobacco- cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, rolling paper, rolling machines, bongs and hookah (shisha) pipes
Offensive weapons
Lighter refills
Alcohol- Beer, cider, wine, spirits, or any other fermented, distilled or spirituous liquor, greater than 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume). Other products (such as perfume) containing alcohol as an ingredient are not classed as ‘alcohol’, although may be subject to age restriction in the own right.

16+ Age Restricted Products

Lottery tickets and scratch cards
Liqueur confectionary (there is a separate 18+ categorisation for very strong liqueur confectionary- read the guide for details.)
Novelty fireworks

Media products age restrictions:

Media products, such as videos, DVDs and computer games, are subject to classification, which is then enforced as an age restriction. These items may be classified as 12, 15 or 18.


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Dean Carr

Dean has been involved in alcohol licensing for over 20 years and has helped many independent retailers and corporate clients obtain a licence to sell alcohol or offer late night refreshment, regulated entertainment from all sorts of premises. Dean writes articles for various trade related blogs and is currently Managing Director of the PLT group of companies who run APLH and SCPLH personal alcohol licence courses nationwide. You can contact Dean or a member of his expert licensing team on: 01242 222 188

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