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Published on August 14th, 2014 | by Dean Carr


Selling Alcohol From a Market

 Selling alcohol at an outdoor market

If you are looking to start a business that involves the sale of alcohol or the sale of alcoholic products then you will be expected to hold a personal licence for the retail sale of alcohol. To sell alcohol from a market stall then the stall itself or the actual market will need to be licensed.

An example of this could be a large Christmas market such as, the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market or the Bristol City German Market where it is expected that thousands of people will attend would require a full premises licence. The general rule would be that the event organisers would apply for a premises licence however individual stall holders maybe expected to hold a personal licence to oversee the sale of alcohol or alcoholic products from their individual market stall.

Example number two, would be a smaller scale event such as a farmers market or similar where no more than 500 people would be expected to attend. Then this licence could be granted under a Temporary Event Notice. A  Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is granted by the Licensing Authority of where the market or event is due to take place.  A personal licence holder can apply for up to 50 events per calender year for events under 500 people. A copy of  the event notice must be given the the Police and the Councils Environmental Health noise team. Both of these Responsible Authorities can object to the Temporary Event Notice on the basis of prevention of crime and disorder,  prevention of public nuisance, promotion of public safety and the protection of children from harm.

Event notices should be given no less than 10 working days before the event or market is due to take place. The cost of a Temporary Event Notice is currently £21.00 for each event. Once granted the Temporary Event Notice must be displayed at the event and a personal licence holder must be at the event to oversee the sale of alcohol.

It is important to remember that it is a criminal offence to sell alcohol to a drunk person or an underage person. The legal age to purchase alcohol in the United Kingdom is 18 years. Market stall or event organisers should ensure that an age verification policy is in force such as CHALLENGE 25. It is also important to ensure other members of staff selling alcohol have a basic understanding of the Licensing Act 2003 and they also have basic training on the various forms of acceptable identification.

Selling Alcohol From a Market

To obtain a personal licence you can contact who run courses throughout the United Kingdom for the Award for Personal Licence Holders. They can also process your personal licence application for an all inclusive price of £295.00 or just undertake your APLH level 2 course and BIIAB examination for just £150.00 + VAT. In regards to basic staff training on alcohol sales then an online course known as NALPS is ideal for basic training and costs just £10 per individual. This course can be booked online at

For those of you who would like to discuss a possible event or licensing for a market then you can contact licensing expert Jo Lockhart on 01242 222 188 at Personal Licence Training (UK) Ltd.

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