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Published on February 8th, 2011 | by Dean Carr


The Importance of Personal Licence Holder Courses

A premises licence must be acquired by an establishment from which alcohol will be sold. In order for alcohol to be sold, an individual member of staff must also qualify as a personal licence holder. This ensures the legality of both premise and person engaging in the sale of alcohol to the public. As new licensing laws were introduced, these brought with them tighter regulations surrounding the sale and abuse of alcohol.

Acquiring a personal licence can be a costly and sometimes time consuming process. While there are a number of routes to go down, many individuals apply through their local authorities, inevitably taking time and money away from your business.

Working in the service industry you will be consumed by shift patterns, where individuals work hours suited to the business. Training is an area often overlooked, largely due to the irregularity of working hours typical of the hospitality industry. While staff training is not a legal requirement, attaining a personal licence is. Every licensed premise must have one personal licence holder working at all times.

With this in mind, the importance of the personal licence cannot be underestimated. The benefits of such a legally required licence far outweigh the inconveniences. In fact, with the growing access to online services, the acquisition of this essential qualification is not as time consuming as one may think.

As we move into a technological age, more and more content is becoming available online, allowing individuals across the licence trade to access services and training available at a time and place to suit them. Training within the hospitality industry has become more accessible impacting less on the business and those working within it.

Today, anyone can complete their personal licence holder training online. This is both a cost effective and flexible way for individuals to train and take their final exam. This route is perfectly suited to the service industry, providing an efficient cost effective way to learn, ensuring less disruption to the business.

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Dean has been involved in alcohol licensing for over 20 years and has helped many independent retailers and corporate clients obtain a licence to sell alcohol or offer late night refreshment, regulated entertainment from all sorts of premises. Dean writes articles for various trade related blogs and is currently Managing Director of the PLT group of companies who run APLH and SCPLH personal alcohol licence courses nationwide. You can contact Dean or a member of his expert licensing team on: 01242 222 188


  1. WayneB says:

    I would like to import wines and spirits into the UK from out of the EU a third country, have been seraching the internet and customs and excise but cannot find the right web page. Can any kind person point me to where I can apply for an alcohol import licience?

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