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Published on July 15th, 2011 | by Dean Carr


Transfer of premises licence

This article shows an individual or business to transfer a Premises Licence into their
name. The transfer does not alter the licence in any other way.
When would a transfer be necessary?
A transfer can be used if the licensed business was sold to another party. The transfer would
allow the new owner to become the Premises Licence Holder.
A Premises Licence lapses if the Premises Licence Holder dies, becomes incapacitated or
insolvent. If the Premises Licence Holder is a company, the Licence will lapse if the
company becomes insolvent or is dissolved. Within 7 days of a Premises Licence lapsing,
another person or company can apply to transfer the Licence into their name. This will
reinstate the Licence.
Who should apply for a transfer?
The individual or company wishing to take over the Premises Licence should complete the
application. The current Premises Licence Holder should sign the last page of the
application form to give their consent to the transfer.
Occasionally, it may not be possible to contact the existing Premises Licence Holder, for
example, if they have left without giving a forwarding address. If this is the case, the
applicant must state on the application form what steps they have taken to try and obtain
When does the transfer take effect?
You can specify whether you want the transfer to take immediate effect or to take effect from
a certain date.
Incomplete applications
Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the local authority. The application will not be valid until the
Licensing Team and the Police have received all the relevant documents.
What happens to your application?
The Police have 14 days to consider your application and to make a representation if they
have any concerns. If a representation is made, a hearing will be held for the Licensing Sub
Committee to decide whether to grant or refuse the application.
If you asked for the transfer to have immediate effect, it will continue to be
valid until the hearing. If the application is granted, an updated Premises
Licence will be issued.
How does the application to transfer the licence affect the Designated Premises
The transfer application will not change the identity of the Designated Premises Supervisor
(DPS). If the current DPS will no longer be responsible for running the business, the new
Premises Licence Holder also needs to make an application to change the DPS.
What if there is a gaming permit for the premises?
When an application to transfer a Premises Licence is granted any existing gaming permits
for the premises become invalid. A new permit will need to be obtained. Forms are
available from the Local Council’s website or by contacting them directly.

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  1. john hayes says:

    hi i wondered if you could help iv set up a new busines which is not in opperation at the moment it consists of late night cigarette and alcohol delivery to homes when shops are shut in the warwickshire area.i have done my home work and set up web site but need advice to approach licensing my business please thankyou. regards johnjo

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