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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Dean Carr


What is a personal licence and what does it entitle the holder to do?

Personal licence means:

A licence granted to a person that enables that person to make sales of alcohol or to authorise other people to make sales of alcohol from a premises with a premises licence.

Under the Licensing Act of 2003 there is a dual system of licensing. The licensing of premises is separate from the licensing of persons who authorise sales of alcohol from those premises. A personal licence is not attached to the premises in which the personal licence holder works, but can be used from place to place in the similar way to that of a driving licence.

All sales of alcohol from premises with a premises licence must be authorised either specifically or generally by a personal licence holder. This doesn’t mean that a personal licence holder must be present on the licensed premises for all the time it is open for the sale of alcohol. It does mean that there must be a meaningful act of authorisation and not an abdication of responsibility. This act of authorisation could be implied from the presence of the personal licence holder on the premises or authorisation could be achieved in writing from the Designated Premises Supervisor (who must be the personal licence holder)

More information can be found on the Home Office site here

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