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Hours permitted for off sales premises – Scotland

Hours permitted for off sales premises
Under Scottish alcohol licensing law the hours permitted for sales of alcohol for consumption off the premises are as follows;

10.00am until 10.00pm on any day

If an application for a premises licence or variation of licence is made to extend these hours. Then the application will be automatically refused by the relevant Licensing Board.

Offences in relation to “Out With Hours”
In Scotland the term “outwith licensing hours” is used in the Scottish Licensing Act 2005 and refers to the selling, consuming or the taking away of alcohol outside of the hours stated on the premise licence.

A person commits an offence if “outwith licensed hours” the individual;

1.) Sells alcohol or allows alcohol to be sold on licensed premises,
2.) Allows alcohol to be consumed on licensed premises, or
3.) Allows alcohol to be taken away from licensed premises.

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